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Puguang Automation Technology (JYF) takes pride in its continuous spirit of innovation. The company has been ISO 9001 certified to ensure that our products and services meet international quality management standards. Furthermore, our products comply with CE, CSA, and UL standards, meeting electrical safety standards for Europe, North America, and international markets, providing customers with a high level of reliability and safety assurance.

Simultaneously, we have achieved remarkable accomplishments in the field of innovation. We have accumulated 23 patent projects, including domestic and international invention patents, utility model patents, and software copyrights. These patent certificates cover innovative technologies related to various spring machines and automation equipment, as well as associated control programs.
Here is the list of patents obtained by Puguang Automation Technology:
  • Invention Patent - Full-Function Spring Machine

  • Invention Patent - Full-Function Spring Machine (United States)

  • Invention Patent - Full-Function Spring Machine (Italy)

  • Invention Patent - Automatic Feeding Device for Spring Machine

  • Outer Diameter Control Structure for Spring Machine

  • Height Detection and Sorting Device for Spring Machine

  • Computerized Torsion Spring Machine Spacing Mechanism

  • Gear Meshing Auxiliary Mechanism

  • Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate - Full-Function Spring Machine Control Program V1.9

  • Wire End Automatic Rotation Mechanism for Spring Wire Winding Machine

  • Cutting Mechanism for Spring Machine

  • Automatic Feeding Device for Spring Machine

  • Feeding Acceleration and Deceleration Mechanism for Automatic Feeding Device of Spring Machine

  • Rod Reset Constant Force Mechanism for Automatic Feeding Device of Spring Machine

  • Mechanism for Adjusting Spring Notch Angle in Spring Machine

  • Electronic Automatic Wire Feeding Pressing Mechanism

  • Inclined Locking Core Shaft Structure

  • Hydraulic Automatic Core Locking Structure

  • Core Shaft Locking Mechanism for Spring Machine

  • Cutting Knife Connecting Rod Device

  • Left Rotation, Right Rotation Automatic Setting Structure

  • Fast Interchange Mechanism for Straight and Swing Cutting in Spring Machine

  • High-Speed Positive and Negative Core Pulling Structure for Spring Machine

This strong patent portfolio, along with products that conform to international standards, highlights Puguang Automation Technology's outstanding innovation and commitment in the field of spring machines and automation, providing customers with efficient automation solutions.