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2024 Guangzhou International Spring Industry Exhibition (GZHMME)

The 2024 Guangzhou International Spring Industry Exhibition (GZHMME)

Booth Number: 2503

Exhibition Dates: May 11th to 13th, 2024

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex (Pazhou Complex Area C), Guangzhou, China

The Guangzhou International Spring Industry Exhibition (GZHMME) is the most authoritative spring industry exhibition in South China, regarded as a barometer and trendsetter for the industry. Produced by Puguang Automation Technology - Jinyuanfa Spring Machinery, our computer numerical control (CNC) spring machines are suitable for various needs in transportation vehicles such as cars, subways, trains, railways, motorcycles, and electric vehicles. These include suspension springs, seat and backrest springs, shock absorbers, stabilizer bars, valve springs, clutch springs, fuel injector springs, compression springs, torsion springs, heavy-duty/engineering machinery springs, piston pin retaining rings, brake pad springs, and more.

Moreover, our machines cater to the requirements of industries like elevators, electronics, mobile phones, furniture, decoration, and related sectors, providing precision springs, compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, molds, special-shaped springs, rectangular springs, suspension springs, coil springs, pagoda springs, ring springs, clock springs, tower springs, retaining rings, washers, wave springs, disc springs, serpent springs, constant force springs, various stainless steel springs, and elastic components.

We welcome customers to visit us for guidance and discussion on the development prospects and cooperation opportunities in the spring industry.


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